Ophiuchus Cube [of-ee-yoo-kuh s] [kyoob]

They knew something was wrong when stars vanished from the sky.
They knew they were right when the sky fell down.

What is Book 1 about?

(the “Blurb”)

They knew something was wrong when stars vanished from the sky.
They knew they were right when the sky fell down.

The Cube came to a frightened Earth from the depths of space. The landing was a disaster: occupying half the planet and killing billions of people. Earth fell into chaos. Societies broke down. Many turned to God for answers.

But what now? Is it friend or foe? Who sent the Cube, and for what purpose? Where and when will it attack next? Will the Cube leave, or will it stay?

Against this bleak backdrop a cast of unsavoury characters is unleashed. A racist serial rapist in China terrorises an innocent woman. A manic drug addicted gang-lord in Moscow fights to preserve his dominance. And a religious fanatic in London with a perverted mind and diabolic ideas works towards reshaping the future.

Ranged against them are reluctant Rick, courageous Martin and autistic genius Thomas, who grapple with unlocking the mysteries of the Cube and perhaps saving mankind. But it is a race against time. And a shocking revelation forces everyone on Earth to choose.

(end of Blurb)

This is a real exciting Science Fiction Action and Adventure novel of 342 pages, and is suitable for adults.

An object from the Ophiuchus constellation is on its way to Earth and we are very afraid. It brings out the worst and the best in us as the day, what could be Armageddon, nears. And once the object is part of our history; everything changes for all of us.

The characters in my novel react in all types of ways. They have to rethink their lives and make hard and difficult choices that affect not only their own lives; but of others too. For many the choice is about giving everything up to start new. For some it is the only chance for freedom.

There are love stories, births, deaths, spying, fighting and tough decisions made.

A lot of people die, but do not worry, this story is also about hope and visions of a better future.

It is about science versus religion.
It is about government control versus freedom.
It is about sexuality and relationships.
It is about telling lies and believing in the truth.

If you love science fiction; you will love this book – it is filled with very original ideas. I will take you on a journey into one of the most alien worlds, and I will keep your imagination active for many days after …

If you love reading about people; this book is also good for you – the characters go on the most important journeys of their lives. You will meet characters you fall in love with and characters you will hate.

All in all: a story for everyone to enjoy.

Ophiuchus Cube , book 1 –  Read the first novel in the new unique science fiction series by Hendrik de Jong now.

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